Drug Benefits


MediGold offers many Medicare Advantage plans with Part D drug coverage automatically included. Our enhanced drug coverage includes benefits like:

  • $0 copay on many preferred generics on many plans.
  • No Part D deductible on many plans.
  • Tier 1 drug coverage in the gap.
  • Access to 66,000 network pharmacies nationwide.

When it comes to medications you take regularly (often referred to as maintenance drugs), there's a simple way to save time, money and trips to the pharmacy: mail order through CVS Caremark. If you haven't yet signed up for mail order service, contact your provider to ask if you can switch to 90-day fills for the drugs you need to take every day.

With MediGold, you also have the added convenience of automatic refills to your mail order maintenance drugs. When you sign up for automatic refills with CVS Caremark, they will keep track of your refill schedules for you and help ensure your medication arrives on time. And if your prescription expires or is out of refills, they'll contact your doctor for you to get a new one, helping to ensure you never run out.

Explore the menu to the left to learn more about our drug coverage and how we can assist you with the following:

  • How to find and price a drug.
  • MediGold formulary.
  • Utilization management (prior authorization, coverage determination, redetermination).
  • Medication Therapy Management.
  • Prescription drug financial assistance.
  • Prescription drug transition plan.
  • Quality assurance.

Updated 10/2019