MediGold Optional Supplemental Dental Plan

MediGold offers additional savings through an optional dental benefit offered through Delta Dental of Ohio Medicare Advantage PPO Dental Network.

Note: MediGold Flexible Choice PPO plan members who elect the optional dental plan can receive care from dentists in and out of the network.

  • You pay no deductibles.
  • You pay $0 for covered preventive dental care.
  • You pay $0 for X-rays; full mouth and bitewing radiographs.
  • You pay $0 for covered diagnostic dental services.
  • You pay $0 for emergency palliative treatment.
  • You pay only 50% of the cost of covered restorative services.
  • There is a $1,000 calendar year maximum benefit.

The optional dental plan premium is $16 a month for HMO* plan members and $24 a month for PPO plan members. This is in addition to your MediGold monthly plan premium, if applicable, and your Medicare Part B premium. Signing up for the optional dental plan is easy. Select it when you first enroll or during an approved enrollment period once annually.

*If you have an Employer Group Health Plan please refer to chapter 4 in your Evidence of Coverage for coverage information

MediGold Dental Network

Call Delta Dental at 1-800-330-2732 from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., Monday - Friday for personal assistance.


To find a participating provider:

  1. Visit Look for the teal box titled "Have a Delta Dental Medicare Advantage supplemental dental plan?"
  2. Select the first link in the teal box titled Delta Dental Medicare Advantage PPO Dental Network.
  3. Enter your address or zip code.

You can also review a list of providers for the Delta Dental Medicare Advantage PPO Dental Network at

More Information

For more detailed information about the coverage available through Delta Dental, view these plan materials:

Note: Additional plan benefits referenced above may vary if you receive MediGold through an employer group health plan. Contact your benefits administrator for more information.