Disease Management Program

The goal of our DM program is to improve the member's quality of life by helping them better manage and monitor their chronic disease through the development of a collaborative treatment plan with their primary care provider.

We work with members to help with their chronic conditions and how to monitor those by developing a treatment plan in coordination with their primary care provider.
  • Condition monitoring: Work with the member to ensure they are monitoring their conditions, e.g., getting labs done and medication adherence.
  • Medical behavior comorbidities and other health conditions: coordination of care as they are generally delivered by multiple providers and may include other medical and behavioral conditions.
  • Health behaviors: The DM program content addresses health behaviors that may impede a member's ability to manage a condition and encourage members to develop healthy behaviors.
  • Psychosocial issues: This program addresses psychosocial issues that may be barriers for the member in meeting treatment goals and identifies how the program modifies interventions to address the issues that arise from:
  • Cultural, religious and ethnic beliefs concerning the condition of treatment options.
  • Perceived barriers to meeting treatment requirements.
  • Education.
  • Access, transportation and financial barriers to obtaining treatment.

Updated  01/2020